Internet Law

Maintaining an Internet presence is a requirement for nearly every business these days. But doing so presents new legal challenges that even the most tenured businesses have yet to face. Consumers have privacy concerns to which businesses must be sensitive. The Whitehouse Law Firm can help your business navigate this new, uncertain territory. The firm can assist you with your website agreements or licenses, domain name concerns, e-commerce questions, or anything else related to conducting business via the Internet. If your company has been the victim of unauthorized access to its resources, contact The Whitehouse Law Firm today to review your legal options.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of business marketing and advertising. Social media can also present challenges for businesses, whether it’s through false or misleading statements posted about the business, employees mishandling business information, or having intellectual property distributed without authorization through social media outlets. If your business is facing any of these challenges or would like to ask about other legal impacts of social media, contact The Whitehouse Law Firm today. Consider asking the firm to review your company’s employee social media policy.

Legal/Litigation Holds

If you’re wondering whether you should issue a litigation hold, the answer is most likely yes. Contact The Whitehouse Law Firm today to review your options. The consequences for failing to issue a litigation hold can be severe.

The issuance of a litigation hold is not an easy process, and those going through the process must take their responsibilities seriously. The Whitehouse Law Firm can work with you to identify key individuals who might hold information related to the litigation. The firm will ask a series of questions about how your business operates and the technology you utilize. Do your employees use smart phones or perform company business on home computers? When did you last reuse backup media or when do you plan to do so? Let’s discuss these items in detail and identify other areas your company may need to address in its litigation hold.


Once you have issued a litigation hold, The Whitehouse Law Firm can help you maintain your obligations while it is in effect. If your employees are busy earning money for the company, a simple reminder email many months after issuing a litigation hold might not be enough. The Whitehouse Law Firm can help you find a way to continue utilizing your technology without the unnecessary risk of accidentally changing or deleting data.

The firm can also discuss with you how to determine when your litigation hold is complete and what to do once it is. Don’t forget that unrelated litigation occurring after the issuance of a hold might require the preservation of currently held information.

Contact The Whitehouse Law Firm today to discuss options.