Data Collection and Production

E-Discovery efforts should employ sound data collection methods that return the expected results quickly and efficiently. The Whitehouse Law Firm can work with you to devise and test collection strategies that meet your litigation objectives. We’ll discuss what to collect, how to collect and preserve it, and whether everything collected should be reviewed.

Even if you’re not conducting e-Discovery in a matter, The Whitehouse Law Firm can work with your opponent’s attorneys to review their collection methods. You want to ensure that you receive all of the information requested, and having an attorney on your side who understands e-Discovery could get you closer to that result.

Once the data collection and document review phases are complete, The Whitehouse Law Firm can coordinate with third-party vendors and your opponent’s attorneys to validate the exported data (known as “load files”), whether incoming or outgoing.

Contact The Whitehouse Law Firm to discuss your data collection and production needs.