Outsourcing Agreements

Outsourcing has become a necessity for many businesses to remain competitive. Nearly every industry offers some form of outsourcing, and those industries have no shortage of service providers. The Whitehouse Law Firm is intimately familiar with IT outsourcing and can assist your business in navigating the legal aspects of your outsourcing endeavors. The firm will not provide names of any particular service providers, but the firm can work with you and the service providers you’ve selected to negotiate the outsourced agreement. The Whitehouse Law Firm can review proposals or contracts from your selected service providers and advise your business of any concerns. Entering into the wrong outsourcing agreement can be very costly to your business. Utilize The Whitehouse Law Firm’s IT outsourcing experience to help you avoid these mistakes.

Internet Law

Maintaining an Internet presence is a requirement for nearly every business these days. But doing so presents new legal challenges that even the most tenured businesses have yet to face. Consumers have privacy concerns to which businesses must be sensitive. The Whitehouse Law Firm can help your business navigate this new, uncertain territory. The firm can assist you with your website agreements or licenses, domain name concerns, e-commerce questions, or anything else related to conducting business via the Internet. If your company has been the victim of unauthorized access to its resources, contact The Whitehouse Law Firm today to review your legal options.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new buzzword for technology that has existed since the advent of the Internet. What has changed, however, is the rate at which companies are using these services. Find out if your cloud-computing provider can comply with your data retention plan and various litigation holds. If you’re entering into an agreement with a new provider, ask about support during the collection phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Also ask about service level agreements (SLAs) for uptime, what happens to your data upon separation, and how the provider will recover from a disaster. Or, contact The Whitehouse Law Firm to have the firm ask those and many other important questions on your behalf.

The Whitehouse Law Firm can also help cloud-computing providers review current or planned services to address common concerns of today’s business owners. Contact The Whitehouse Law Firm to discuss your options in this area.

Document Review

After we’ve worked together to collect your discovery data, allow The Whitehouse Law Firm to manage the electronic document review phase. The firm can work with a team of document-review attorneys who understand the particulars of your case. Documents will be categorized according to your case’s requirements, including identifying potential attorney-client communications. The document review will be conducted in a manner that limits the impact to your business as much as practicable under the circumstances.