Data Retention Policies

Every business—regardless of size—should have a data retention policy. The contents of that policy, however, are different for each company. Allow The Whitehouse Law Firm to understand your business’ data retention needs and construct a policy specifically for you.

A data retention policy can help maximize your technology investments by ensuring that only data needed to run your business remains on your valuable IT assets. Implementing a data retention policy could increase performance on your applications that don’t perform like they used to. More importantly, a data retention plan will address how to treat your information before, during, and after litigation.

The Whitehouse Law Firm can also help you assess whether your existing data retention policy is being enforced. After all, there’s no use having a policy if it isn’t in use. And for many companies, not following a documented policy could result in a formal audit finding. Audit findings can reduce confidence in your business’ clients and investors, which can be very costly. Contact The Whitehouse Law Firm to review your existing data retention policy against your business’ current requirements. Remember that as technology evolves, so must the policies that control it.